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Camelot Limousine Assists Lambuth Group in providing gifts to children at the Neighborhood Outreach

As one of the bedrock principals of Camelot Limousine we always strive to give back to our community, especially this year when so many people need assistance.

Over two days in early December Camelot Limousine assisted The Lambuth Group in providing gifts to the children who attend the local Neighborhood Outreach Connection program. The Lambuth Group provided each child with one age appropriate present. Camleot and The Lambuth Group partnered to purchase one gift card for each child and Camelot provided transportation to the location for the “Santas.” Camelot also provided tours of our limo for the children. The staff of Camelot and The Lambuth Group enjoyed providing this for these children and plan to stay involved with the organization as we move forward into 2021.

If you are interested in assisting The Neighborhood Outreach Connection feel free to reach out to them on Facebook ( at their website ( or on Instagram at @noc-sc.

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Neighborhood Outreach Connection

To help all individuals in the community achieve the American Dream – economic independence and personal fulfillment. NOC strives to Empower People.

Empowering People

Connecting with people. – Through strong presence in low-income neighborhoods.
Fostering an enabling environment.—Establishing program center within the neighborhood as hub to provide support relating to education, health services, and workforce development.
Empowering people.—By bringing resources, services, and technology into the neighborhood.
Creating opportunities.—Through NOC’s program centers, technology, and education programs.
Enriching communities.—Building a strong sense of community and personal responsibility.
Improving quality of life. Through health screenings and health-related workshops conducted within the neighborhoods.