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What we have been doing to protect our clients and our staff



It is our responsibility as a Chauffeured Limousine service to take the following necessary precautions regarding the Coronavirus, not just for our own safety, but to ensure we are providing safe transportation services to our clients.  

We clean and disinfect our vehicles after each run using standard cleaning and disinfecting products, paying special attention to door handles, seat belts and arm rests.  A bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer is kept in each vehicle and is available upon request.  

Our drivers are monitored to ensure they have no symptoms such as a cough or fever.  Any driver displaying any of these symptoms will be requested to undergo testing and will not be allowed to drive until cleared and symptom free for 48 hours. 

We continue to be open for all business as usual while ensuring our top priority is the safety of our clients and staff.  Please feel free to call us at 843-842-7777 with any questions or concerns. 


Andrew Hough

President and Owner

Camelot Limousine

Pandemic Response


We are also working with our local partners to continue to raise money for those who were, and continue to be, affected by the pandemic.